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About Us

Shubhanandam Group

Who We Are

Shubhanandam Story Began In 2022, When A Group Of Forward-Thinking Entrepreneurs With A Shared Vision Came Together. Their Diverse Backgrounds And Experiences, When Combined, Created A Powerful Synergy That Has Shaped The Company Into What It Is Today.

Our Unwavering Commitment To Excellence Is Evident In Every Facet Of Our Organization. We Meticulously Select Prime Locations In Upscale Neighborhoods And Construct Iconic Landmarks With An Unwavering Focus On Quality And Attention To Detail.

At Shubhanandam, We View Real Estate As A Vital Engine Of Socio-Economic Growth For Our Nation, Representing Progress And Development. We Are Proud To Play A Part In India’s Continued Advancement And Expansion.

Our Code Of Excellence Has Earned Us The Trust And Loyalty Of An Astute Clientele. We Strive To Offer Our Customers The Best Possible Experience And Work Tirelessly To Ensure That Each Project Meets Their Exacting Standards.

As A Company, We Embrace Innovation And Are Always Seeking Ways To Improve. We Understand That Our Success Is Founded On Continuous Development And A Willingness To Explore New Ideas And Technologies.

At Shubh Anandam, We Are Passionate About Real Estate And Remain Dedicated To Creating Exceptional Projects That Endure The Test Of Time. We Eagerly Anticipate Our Future Growth And Innovation


To be an enabler of growth for all our stakeholders and be acknowledged as a stellar icon of trust and excellence.


To create harmonious spaces to touch 1 lakh customers’ lives and infuse a sense of fulfillment in their hearts and minds by the end of 2025.

Laxmi Chauhan, Director and Partners in Shubhanandam Group, Her born and brought up in Ghaziabad, UP . She has done his Bachelors of Art Degree in 2011 from Agra University. Mrs. Chauhan has started her journey in constructions business way back in 2015. Starting his journey from there she has never look back, crossing all the hurdles laying one mile stone after another she has reached to this platform.
Her journey was not a simple as we might be thinking off, it was full of challenges, problems & hurdles but she has made it possible with her strong willpower, focused approach, clear vision, continuously, tirelessly working …..working hard towards her goal.

Chairman & Managing Director, Shubhanandam Group

Mrs. Laxmi Chauhan


Chairman & MD, Shubhanandam Group

Gaurav Dhanrajgir, Founder  Director ,  Shubanandam Group is a young and steadfast entrepreneur. He has done Bachelor’s in entrepreneurship and also has a good hand in engineering drawing. His out of box thinking and broader approach made this dream in various come true. He has an expertise in various businesses from real estate, Hospitality and Dry Fruits industry. 

For him its just a beginning,The quest for excellence does not have end. 

As per Mr. Dhanrajgir

    “The global econmic and business environment though  complex also presents oppertunties for growth perticularly if the strategies are driven by a long term dynamic vision”

management Commitee

Tarunn Srivastava is a young and prominent business leader, currently serving as Chairman and Managing Director of the Shubhanadam Group. He holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration with a specialization in Sales and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

Under his leadership, the Shubhanadam Group has expanded into diverse industries, including Education, Scaffolding, and Pharmaceuticals, and is committed to providing high-quality products and services.

Tarunn Srivastava is also associated with Anandeshwar BE’d College, where he serves on the Board of Directors, and is known for his vision, strategic thinking, and ability to build strong teams. He is also recognized for his ethical and transparent business practices, which have earned him a trusted reputation in the industry.

Director Sales


Mr. Neeraj Chauhan, a dynamic leader with vision and deep business insight. His 15 years of experience as an exemplary business leader is a demonstration to an incredible journey of putting an organization on a growth path with an innovative combination of strategic initiatives and meticulous planning. He has worked with various businesses on defining strategic goals and identifying initiatives to achieve those goals and has a proven record of successful completion of multiple simultaneous projects. He has the ability to create opportunities and the determination to ensure that his vision come to attainment. His focus lies on building high quality capabilities to further strengthen the foundation of the Shubhanandam Group, and to scale the realty business to the next level of growth. He also continues to lead core functions like corporate finance and investor relations.

Director Sales

Mr. Neeraj Chauhan

About us

Shubh Anandam was founded in 2008 by visionary entrepreneurs who shared a common vision. With diverse experiences and competencies, they created a strong synergy of abilities that has shaped our organization into what it is today.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in every aspect of our organization. We handpick locations in upscale neighborhoods and craft landmarks with an eye for detail and a focus on quality.

At Shubh Anandam, we take a holistic approach to real estate. We believe that it is an engine of socio-economic growth for the nation and an indicator of progress and development. We are proud to play our part in India’s rapid strides into the future.

Our code of excellence has earned us the trust and confidence of a discerning clientele. We are dedicated to delivering the best possible experience to our customers, and we work tirelessly to ensure that every project meets their exacting standards.

As a company, we are always looking for ways to innovate and improve. We believe that our success is built on a foundation of constant improvement and a willingness to embrace new ideas and technologies.

At Shubh Anandam, we are passionate about real estate and committed to delivering exceptional projects that stand the test of time. We look forward to continuing to grow and innovate in the years to come.


To be an enabler of growth for all our stakeholders and be acknowledged as a stellar icon of trust and excellence.


To create harmonious spaces to touch 1 lakh customers’ lives and infuse a sense of fulfillment in their hearts and minds by the end of 2025.